How to Spot a Fake Air Jordan IV


The Air Jordan IV has long been a staple in hip-hop culture and was an iconic footwear choice for many young people. With its modern style and presence, it has become synonymous with hip-hop stars like Kanye West, Wale, and Kid Cudi. Its iconic presence has far-reaching effects beyond its visual representation. Here are some telltale signs of a fake pair of jordan ivs.

Identifying tells on a nike air jordan iv shoe

To identify fake Air Jordans, you must check the UPC number and the manufacturing sticker. The UPC number must match the manufacturing sticker and the style code must be consistent throughout the shoe. You may also look at the shoe box, as it often has more information. The price is also an excellent telltale sign of fakes, so you should be careful to avoid buying cheap Jordans.

Another good sign is the size of the logo. Genuine Jordans will have bigger square details, while fakes will have small square details. A reputable seller will give you information about the size, style, and brand. offers a guide for identifying fakes and authentic Jordans. The authenticity of the tag is very important. It is worth every penny to find authentic Air Jordans!

The Nike Air Jordan IV is a retro-edition sneaker released in 2004. It was inspired by a black mamba snake. It was released in several regional colorways, as well as three special editions. The shoe became a global phenomenon in the basketball world. The shoe sold in over a billion pairs worldwide. However, it is still difficult to distinguish the original from a fake.

Identifying a fake pair of jordan ivs

The first step in spotting a fake pair of Nike air jorden iv shoes is to examine the manufacturing sticker. The original Nike air jordan iv shoes have a thick and evenly spaced NIKE lettering, while a fake has a very thin and light speckling on its midsole. Another telltale sign of an inauthentic pair is an outsole with poorly manufactured, curved edges, and poor stitching.

The inside tongue label is another key to spotting a fake pair. The font size should match. The “FABRIQUE EN CHINE” logo should be prominent and printed in bold letters. You can also determine whether or not a shoe is authentic by its size tag, which should be thick but thin. The interior tongue label should be clean and free from wear or scuffing.

Another telltale sign of a fake pair of Nike air jordon iv shoes is the size tag. A genuine pair will list all the colors, styles, and sizes. A shoe with an inflated size tag is likely a fake. It may be tempting to purchase a pair that looks too cheap – but authentic Nike Air Jordan iv shoes cost over $300!

Identifying a real pair of jordan ivs

One of the most difficult parts of purchasing an Air Jordan is identifying a fake pair of shoes. Most counterfeits come from foreign factories, but there are some ways to tell a real pair from a fake. To avoid this, buy your Jordans directly from the company. The following tips will help you identify a real pair of Nike air Jordan iv shoes.

Look for the UPC number on the manufacturing sticker. It must match the number on the shoe’s label. If you’re not sure, check the size and the Nike style code sewn inside the shoe. Make sure that these numbers match your shoe size. A real Jordan will have a shoe tag, either behind the tongue or on the side. The UPC number is the 12 or 13 digit number that is found underneath the barcode.

The insole of an authentic pair is darker than its fake counterpart. It also has 80% glue coverage, whereas the fake pair has only 60%. The insoles of a replica pair have white dots on them, while the insoles of the real shoes are black. Authentic Jordans are always made of thicker leather. They also have a blue box.