Car Wash Camera Arch Systems

When it comes to installing car wash camera arch systems, you’ll need to choose one that is compatible with your wash’s specific needs. For example, the TunnelMax-HD system will fit well in a full service car wash, whereas a CleanTouch FX system will be more suitable for express exterior car washes.


The TunnelMax-HD car wash camera arch is a complete solution for all your video surveillance needs. The TunnelMax-HD system utilizes motorized HD varifocal lenses to capture crystal-clear images from superior vantage points. Additionally, the cameras reduce the effects of water over-spray. The system is ideal for full-service and express exterior car washes.

The TunnelMax-HD Legacy has an easy-to-use client interface. The user simply rolls the mouse along the timeline to choose the camera to be viewed. Then, the system displays a preview panel. The operator then left-clicks on the mouse and a clip is queued to the point in time they have selected.

The TunnelMax-HD car wash camera arch is designed with the car wash industry in mind. The company has been distributing and installing its products since 2009 and has already installed them in hundreds of car wash facilities across 34 states. Its advanced features and custom-built NVRs provide exceptional picture quality, durability, and longer storage. This product ships in three parts for easy installation.

The TunnelMax-HD can handle high camera counts and records footage at full resolution and frame rates. This system can support up to 64 Hyper-HD cameras. The system can also be remotely managed.

CleanTouch FX

Whether your goal is to attract customers through unique designs or increase your profitability, the CleanTouch FX car wash camera arch will accomplish your goals. The arch’s versatile design allows for mounting cameras, projectors, and more. Its heavy-duty utility design also features full back access for wiring, tubing, and plumbing. It ships in three pieces, making it easy to install and customize.

The CleanTouch FX Experience(tm) line of arches blends CleanTouch car wash formulas with graphics and scents to highlight every step of the carwashing process. This product is compatible with all brands of tunnel car wash equipment. It is an excellent choice for car wash businesses that are looking for a new, high-impact way to increase their profits.

Placement of car wash camera arch

A good surveillance system can protect your business and customers. It is also a great way to prevent theft, vandalism, and suspicious complaints. It also ensures the safety of employees. A quality surveillance system with high-quality cameras can prevent such problems before they start. Here are some tips to make sure that your surveillance system is effective:

Choose a system that is easy to install and maintain. Choose a system with a centralized network. That way, you can monitor the entire car wash at once. You can also integrate several locations into a single surveillance system to maximize your surveillance potential. This can be done with multi-HDMI out video cards.

A good security system should include a camera in each bay. This will prevent vandalism and dumping, as well as allow you to review any equipment malfunctions. A dome camera works best for covering a large area, but a wide angle camera can work just as well. It is important to choose a camera with enough range to capture pre-existing damage.

The placement of your car wash camera is critical. If you want to protect your customers, you need to keep track of every customer who enters and leaves your wash facility. Often, car wash customers blame the employees or machinery for their damages. These claims can cost car wash operators hundreds of dollars each month.